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Cornish Crabber. Sail No. 274

Ashore, Winter 01-02  Photo: Paul Armiger

Designed by Roger Dongray and built by Cornish Crabbers in 1982, she is something of a hybrid, being the first to have the Mk.II grp deck moulding but retaining the Mk.I lower mast.

The rig has been developed by her previous owner to increase the size of the fore triangle. The forestay is now attached to what was the upper mast ring, the jib is hoisted to a new, higher, ring and the bowsprit has been extended. This moves the centre of effort forward and improves the balance of the helm.

L.O.A. 8.91 m 29' 3"
L.O.D. 7.31 m 24'
L.W.L. 6.17 m 20' 3"
Beam 2.44 m 8'
Draught - Plate up 0.74 m 2' 5"
Draught - Plate down 1.42 m 4' 8"
Displacement 2086 kg 4600 lbs

Sold May 2003.

The Cornish Crabber has been described as "Very popular gaff cutter in the style of a West Country workboat. Well built, well thought of," & "Good performance under sail".
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